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Tair Chu Enterprise Co, Ltd., since 1978, is a 11.5cm Leaf Spoon manufacturer with strong in-house production capability.

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Tair Chu has been providing customers high-quality plastic flatware, cutlery and tableware products, both with advanced technology and 37 years of experience, Tair Chu ensure each customer's demands are met.

11.5cm Leaf Spoon


The 11.5cm leaf spoon is suitable for yogurt, ice cream, and even cake. The yogurt spoon is made by PS material. The color spoon passed the FDA test by SGS as well.

Yogurt Spoon


Tair Chu's latest design spoon.The spoon FIT-INTO-CORNER design makes scoop easily and more convenient.
The great little stylish spoons are used for your handmade pudding, yogurt, ice cream, jelly, tiramisu and so on. Take some brightly colored spoons to catch your customers' eyes. Customers can enjoy signature desserts with our leaf shape spoon. We have colors BubbleGum, SunFlower, CandyGreen, LemonGrass, BlueBerry, Pearl and Lavender, you can choose your favorite colors to make your sweets more attractive.


  • Length: 11.5 cm
  • Weight: 2.05g
  • Material: PS
  • Color: BubbleGum, SunFlower, CandyGreen, LemonGrass, Pearl, BlueBerry, Lavender

Packing Information

  • MPQ: 2800 pcs/Carton (100 pcs*28 bags/carton)
  • Single wrapped available
  • Carton Size(cm): 35*26*27
  • Case Volume: 0.87 Cuft 0.025 CBM
  • N.W.: 5.74 kg
  • G.W.: 6.24 kg


Color Assortment

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