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Wooden Disposable Tableware

Wooden Cutlery

Wooden Tableware

The wooden material is biodegradable, and lightweight wooden cutlery is suitable for light takeaway meals such as salads.

Wooden Cutlery

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7.5cm Wooden Spoon for Ice Cream - 7.5cm wooden disposable ice cream spoon
7.5cm Wooden Spoon for Ice Cream

A 7.5 cm wooden ice cream spoon made from birch wood, suitable for enjoying cupped ice cream,...

8.5cm Wooden Jelly Spoon - 8.5 cm Wooden disposable jelly spoon, compostable mini wooden spoon
8.5cm Wooden Jelly Spoon

An 8.5 cm wooden jelly spoon made from birch wood, ideal for enjoying jelly, pudding, and other...

10cm Mini Wooden Spoon - 10cm wooden disposable dessert spoon
10cm Mini Wooden Spoon

A 10 cm wooden mini spoon crafted from birch wood, perfect for enjoying desserts like pudding,...

10.5cm Dessert Wooden Fork - 10.5cm wooden disposable dessert fork
10.5cm Dessert Wooden Fork

An 10.5 cm wooden mini fork, perfect for enjoying cream cakes, made from birch wood. It's a single-use,...

16cm Wooden Disposable Spoon - 16cm wooden disposable spoon
16cm Wooden Disposable Spoon

This wooden spoon with a length of 16cm, made of wood material and with a spoon surface width...

16cm Wooden Disposable Fork - 16cm wooden disposable fork
16cm Wooden Disposable Fork

The 16cm wooden fork made of wood material, with a fork surface width of approximately 2.7cm....

16cm Wooden Disposable Knife - 16cm wooden disposable knife
16cm Wooden Disposable Knife

The 16.5cm wooden knife made of wood material, The simple wood grain pattern is suitable for use with...

14cm Wood Coffee Stir Stick(Paperpack) - 14cm wooden coffee stirrer single wrapped
14cm Wood Coffee Stir Stick(Paperpack)

A 14 cm wooden coffee stirrer, conveniently wrapped in paper, is designed for smaller tasks...

17.8cm Wood Coffee Stir Stick(Paperpack) - 17.8cm wooden coffee stirrer single wrapped
17.8cm Wood Coffee Stir Stick(Paperpack)

A 17.8 cm wooden coffee stirrer wrapped in paper, suitable for stirring iced coffee, passion...

14cm Wooden Coffee Stirrer - 14cm wood coffee stir stick
14cm Wooden Coffee Stirrer

The wooden coffee stirrer is 14 cm long and made of birch wood. Its smaller size makes it ideal...

Result 1 - 12 of 13

Wooden Cutlery - Wooden Tableware | Custom Plastic Cutlery Design & Plastic Tableware Manufacturing | Tair Chu

Located inTaiwan since 1978, Tair Chu Enterprise Co, Ltd. has been a disposable plastic cutlery and plastic tableware manufacturer. Their main compostable plastic with cutlery and tablewares, include Wooden Cutlery, plastic cutlery, plastic spoon, plastic fork, plastic knife, plastic spork, ice cream spoon, cake fork and party cutlery, which have 3000 selections with eco-friendly certifications.

Tair Chu with more than 40 year experience in the plastic injection and food package industry accumulate solid experience in building customized products including plastic cutlery, food containers, drinking cups and lids. Tair Chu provides not only OEM tableware service but also our unique design tableware to our customers to give them edge over their competitors.

Tair Chu has been providing customers high-quality plastic flatware, cutlery and tableware products, both with advanced technology and 45 years of experience, Tair Chu ensures each customer's demands are met.