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7-10cm Mini Plastic Cutlery / Tair Chu - A professional manufacturer of high quality plastic cutlery and injection moulding products.

7-10cm Mini Plastic Cutlery

7-10cm Mini Plastic Cutlery

Mini spoons and Mini forks are lovely so much. The cutlery of TAIRCHU designed also convenient and comfortable using.

7-10cm Mini Plastic Cutlery

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8cm Color Ice Cream Spoon with Spork Design - The plastic ice cream spork is design for the ice cream or yogurt.
8cm Color Ice Cream Spoon with Spork Design

The 8cm ice cream spoon is sold in different colors to suit your mood or ice cream flavors....

8cm ECO Friendly Frozen Spoon with Spork Design - The PLA ice cream spoon with pastel color is made by 100% natural cornstarch.
8cm ECO Friendly Frozen Spoon with Spork Design

The 8cm ECO Friendly Frozen Spoon with Spork Design is designed for ice cream or yogurt. There...

10cm French Dessert Cake Fork - Mini disposable dessert tablefork for wholesale, manufacturer can help to custom LOGO on the tableware.
10cm French Dessert Cake Fork

The 10cm French Dessert Cake Fork is great for you to enjoy cake and fruit. The cake forkis...

9cm Dessert Spoon with Heart Shape - Manufacturer for 9cm mini plastic ice cream PS material spoon, also sell to the world.
9cm Dessert Spoon with Heart Shape

This 9cm dessert spoon with heart shape is lovely. The pudding spoon is made with PS material....

Summer Party Candle - A box contains one watermelon-shaped candle, one beverage-shaped candle, and one popsicle-shaped candle, allowing easy decoration for a summer-themed birthday cake.
Summer Party Candle

Summer party candles come in each box, featuring one watermelon candle, one juice cup candle,...

Space-theme Party Birthday Candles - Astronauts, UFOs, and rockets are the essential elements for a space-themed birthday party. If you prefer more subtle decorations, consider choosing the latest addition to our collection, the 'Space Party Birthday Candles' introduced by TAIR CHU. With these delightful candles, you can fulfill all your space-themed party needs in one go.
Space-theme Party Birthday Candles

Each box of space party birthday candles includes an astronaut candle, a UFO candle, and a rocket...

Strawberry Donuts Birthday Candle - Strawberry donut-shaped birthday candles, 20 candles per box.
Strawberry Donuts Birthday Candle

Strawberry donuts birthday candles, approximately 8cm in size per candle, featuring adorable...

Vanilla Donuts Party Candle - Vanilla donut-shaped birthday party candles, 20 candles per box, and fast shipping available.
Vanilla Donuts Party Candle

Vanilla donuts birthday candles are perfect for decorating cakes, adding a delightful touch...

Chocolate Donuts Party Candle - Chocolate donuts-shaped birthday party candles, 20 candles per box, and fast shipping available.
Chocolate Donuts Party Candle

Chocolate donuts birthday candles, 20 candles per box, featuring chocolate chip design on top,...

Muffin Bear Party Candle - Cake bear candle with a distinctive cupcake base, accompanied by a teddy bear wearing a birthday hat, suitable for birthday party cakes. Available for shipment in sets of 12 boxes each
Muffin Bear Party Candle

Each box of cake bear candles contains three adorable candles. Whether it's a joyful party,...

Happy Birthday Letter Candle - Tair Chu's relief-shaped birthday candle is colorful, cute, and unique, adding joy and surprise to birthday parties.
Happy Birthday Letter Candle

These happy birthday letter candles are made of paraffin and come in a box measuring 14 cm in length...

Bear Party Candle - Bear-shaped birthday candles wearing party hats are here to celebrate your special day with you! Each box contains 4 bear-shaped candles with different colored party hats, and they are shipped in units of 15 boxes.
Bear Party Candle

These bear party candles are 3.5 centimeters tall (excluding plastic base) and come in a pack...

Result 1 - 12 of 42

7-10cm Mini Plastic Cutlery - 7-10cm Mini Plastic Cutlery | Custom Plastic Cutlery Design & Plastic Tableware Manufacturing | Tair Chu

Located inTaiwan since 1978, Tair Chu Enterprise Co, Ltd. has been a disposable plastic cutlery and plastic tableware manufacturer. Their main compostable plastic with cutlery and tablewares, include 7-10cm Mini Plastic Cutlery, plastic cutlery, plastic spoon, plastic fork, plastic knife, plastic spork, ice cream spoon, cake fork and party cutlery, which have 3000 selections with eco-friendly certifications.

Tair Chu with more than 40 year experience in the plastic injection and food package industry accumulate solid experience in building customized products including plastic cutlery, food containers, drinking cups and lids. Tair Chu provides not only OEM tableware service but also our unique design tableware to our customers to give them edge over their competitors.

Tair Chu has been providing customers high-quality plastic flatware, cutlery and tableware products, both with advanced technology and 45 years of experience, Tair Chu ensures each customer's demands are met.