Video | 43 Years Disposable Plastic Cutlery & Plastic Tableware Manufacturer | Tair Chu

Video and Movie | Custom Plastic Cutlery Design & Plastic Tableware Manufacturing | Tair Chu


Video and Movie

2023 Tair Chu's Memoirs

2023 Tair Chu's Memoirs

Hexagon Shape Cake Plate For Birthday Party

Hexagon Shape Cake Plate

How To Decorate A Party

Daisy Balloon Party Set

Arrived At The Tea Time│Eat The Cake With Lovely Cake Fork!

10cm Cake Fork

Tableware Freezing Test│PS Material v.s. Compostable Cutlery

Heart-shaped Spoon(PS), Ice Cream Spoon(PLA), Eco-friendly Spoon(CPLA), Bear Spoon(PP)

Customized Single Packing Plastic Cutlery Factory

Plastic Cutlery Single Wrapped, Cutlery Set

Sugarcane Lunch Box Heating Test By Rice Cooker!

600ml Clamshell Bagasse Compartments Food Container

Let's Test About The Water Resistance For Sugarcane Lunch Box!

800ml Oval Bagasse Food Container, 600ml Clamshell Bagasse Compartments Food Container

Sugarcane Lunch Box Heating Test By Microwave!

800ml Oval Bagasse Food Container, 1000ml Bagasse Rectangle Meal Container

You Can Use The Lovely Bear Spoon To Eat Many Kinds Of Food!

Bear Shape Spoon

Seal The Sugarcane Meal Box With The Box Seal~

800ml Oval Bagasse Compartments Container

Heat Resistant Test For Eco-friendly Cutlery

16.5cm CPLA Spoon, 8cm PLA Spork

You Can Use The CPLA Cutlery When You Eat The Hot Of Food!

16.5cm CPLA Cutlery

Do You Know About The PLA Material?

8cm PLA Spork

Lovely Eco-friendly Ice Cream Spoon, Love Our Earth

8cm PLA Spork

The Paper Straws With 12mm In Diameter Is Good For Bubble Tea

12mm*195mm Paper Straw With Gray Stripes

The Piercing Paper Straw Is Useful

6mm*195mm Piercing Paper Straw

Colorful Paper Straw Makes Drinks Stylish

6mm*195mm Colorful Paper Straw

The Paper Straw Is Safe In Water For 8hr

Colorful Paper Straw

Use The Perfect Cake Server To Cutting The Cake!

22cm Cake Server

The Unique Cake Cutlery Makes Your Shop And Meal Level Up

19cm Cake Knife, 10cm Cake Fork

Creative Design For Christmas Tree

Pearl-colored Heart Shape Spoon, Pearl-colored Cake Fork

Using The Yogurt Leaf Spoon To Enjoy The Dessert!

11.5cm Leaf Shape Spoon

Tair Chu Cutlery Offically Debut At 2017 Taiwan EXPO in Malaysia

Tair Chu Stylish Cutlery

Colorful Spoon With Heart Shape
Lovely Lunch With Special Cutelry

Bear Shape Spoon, Twist Fork

Tair Chu Plastic Cutlery Introduction

Tair Chu OEM Production Line

Word Food EXPO Successfully In Philippines

Tair Chu Colorful Cutlery

Tair Chu Cutlery Show Time!
Leaf-shaped Spoon Is Your Best Choice
Colorful Life With TAIR CHU Colored Cutlery

Video | 43 Years Disposable Plastic Cutlery & Plastic Tableware Manufacturer | Tair Chu

Located inTaiwan since 1978, Tair Chu Enterprise Co, Ltd. has been a disposable plastic cutlery and plastic tableware manufacturer. Their main compostable plastic with cutlery and tablewares, include plastic cutlery, plastic spoon, plastic fork, plastic knife, plastic spork, ice cream spoon, cake fork and party cutlery, which have 3000 selections with eco-friendly certifications.

Tair Chu with more than 40 year experience in the plastic injection and food package industry accumulate solid experience in building customized products including plastic cutlery, food containers, drinking cups and lids. Tair Chu provides not only OEM tableware service but also our unique design tableware to our customers to give them edge over their competitors.

Tair Chu has been providing customers high-quality plastic flatware, cutlery and tableware products, both with advanced technology and 45 years of experience, Tair Chu ensures each customer's demands are met.