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Process Flow

Step 1 Understanding customers’ demand and requirement

Good communication is the key for a successful customization project. We will spend time understanding customers’ demand for the new design items. Product’s size, function, and usage, and the environment for stocking the items are vital to build customers’ unique products.

Step 2 Engineering drawings, hand drawings, or similar samples provided from customers

Customers can provide their drafts, samples similar to their design or even hand-made samples in clay for building the engineer drawing.

Step 3 Proposal and Quotation

We will provide the quotation based on customer's requirement. The quotation may include the tooling quotation, the sample quotation and also the product quotation along with the lead time and trade term.

Step 4 Order Confirmation

If the quotation is accepted by customers, customers need to sign a proforma invoice for the confirmation.

Step 5 Product drawing confirmation (7-10 days)

It usually takes 5-7 days for a product engineer drawing. For more complicated product design, the lead time may go to 10-21 days. Customers will be asked to review the drawing to confirm the design. All revision or modification needs to be done in the stage or before prototyping.

Step 6 Prototyping (if necessary, 7-14 days)

Prototyping is not a necessary step for building new items. However, if customers have concern for the shape, strength, or function, building prototype will be a good way to answer customer’s concern . In general, there are three ways to build prototypes including 3D printer, CNC mockup, or sample molds.

Step 7 Building the mould and tooling (30-55 days)

After drawings or samples are confirmed, we will start to build mass production molds. The lead time is usually 35-55 business days. During the process, the product surface effect either high polish or texture needs to be confirmed, so as the product color. We will provide the very first product, usually in black without any surface treatment, to customers to confirm the design and function again. If the design and function are exactly the same as customer's’ request, the mold will be sent back to the workshop for the surface effect, either high polish or texture.

Step 8 Packaging Confirmation

We will design the package in terms of better product protection and cost effective. Customers needs to provide the detail product information or logo drawings that will be printed on the cartons. Customers are also welcome to suggest their ideal package.

Step 9 Samples confirmation (7-10 days)

Before mass production, we may provide customers the products to show colors and surface effect for the final confirmation.

Step 10 Mass Production

The production lead time usually takes 1-2 weeks. Customers’ products will be put in the design package on the pallet to avoid damage or for better protection.

Step 11 Quality Inspection

Our QC will do the inspection periodically during the production to ensure product quality. The products specs, colors, material and test results will be record in IPQC records.

Step 12 Delivery

For orders from abroad, we will ship with LCL or FCL with ocean freight. We also use air shipment for small orders. For domestic customers, the goods will be delivered with trucks via local shippers.

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