TAIR CHU's decorative cake paper plates are free from plastic coating! | Made in Taiwan Compostable Forks & Spoons Manufacturer | Tair Chu

TAIR CHU's decorative cake paper plates are free from plastic coating! | Custom Plastic Cutlery Design & Plastic Tableware Manufacturing | Tair Chu

TAIR CHU's decorative cake paper plates are free from plastic coating!

Stylish tableware is a must-have decoration for party tables, and TAIR CHU offers a variety of special birthday cake plates. Recently, they have been gradually transitioning the vibrant cake paper plates to 'non-coated paper plates,' reducing the use of PP plastic and streamlining the recycling process at waste facilities, which contributes to greater environmental benefits.

01 Jun, 2023 Tair Chu

On colored cake plates, there is a layer of plastic coating. On one hand, this coating enhances the colors, and on the other hand, it protects the colors from fading. What are the differences when removing the plastic coating from the cake plates? And how should they be handled after use?

After recent adjustments to the paper plate specifications, many customers who use colored cake plates have raised concerns: Will the non-coated cake plates lose their color? In fact, they won't. Even though the cake plates without the plastic coating may not be as vibrant, they still have a layer of gloss to protect the colors. So, no need to worry about the paper plates losing their color!

How can I determine if this paper plate or paper tableware has a plastic coating?

Unlike before, besides directly confirming with the manufacturer or visually inspecting the paper tableware for reflective surfaces, according to the Environmental Protection Administration's requirements, all single-use paper tableware with plastic coating, including paper cups, meal boxes, and plates, must now bear a unique QR code that provides information about the manufacturer and importer, enabling the general public to easily identify whether the product contains plastic coating. If you are still unsure about whether a paper tableware has a coating, you can also directly inquire with the manufacturer!

Tair Chu Plastic-free Cake Plate
Tair Chu Coated Paper Cake Plates

Finally, let's talk about how to handle paper tableware after use!

Regarding food containers, paper cups, and paper plates with plastic coatings, special processing is required to separate the plastic film from the pulp. Recycling such paper tableware incurs higher costs and time at the recycling facility. After use, it's important for individuals to clean them thoroughly, stack them neatly, and then hand them over to the recycling truck, as they fall under the category of paper containers.

For paper tableware without coatings, the recycling process is simpler. If unused and clean, they can be placed directly in the paper recycling. However, if the paper tableware has been used or has stains that cannot be completely cleaned (such as oil or food residue), it should be disposed of in regular trash.

Above, I shared some insights about non-coated paper plates and non-coated paper tableware. Non-coated disposable utensils also contribute to reduced petroleum usage, helping us take a step further toward environmental sustainability!

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TAIR CHU's decorative cake paper plates are free from plastic coating! | Custom Plastic Cutlery Design & Plastic Tableware Manufacturing | Tair Chu

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