TAIR CHU new website - ''CUFE'' has been built.


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Tair Chu TAIR CHU new website - ''CUFE'' has been built. Introduction

Tair Chu Enterprise Co, Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in plastic injection and food package industry. Tair Chu has been offering our customers high quality plastic cutlery, plastic spoon, plastic fork, plastic knife, plastic spork, ice cream spoon, cake fork, party cutlery, PLA cutlery, PET cups, plastic cups, cake spoon, cake knife, dessert spoon, dessert fork, fruit fork, cake server, colorful spoon, plastic tableware, plastic flatware, disposable cutlery, disposable tableware, disposable flatware, plastic cutlery set, disposable spoon, disposable fork, disposable knife, disposable spork, tea spoon, soup spoon, PLA spoon, PLA fork, PLA knife, PLA tableware, PLA flatware, heart shape spoon, coffee lid, travel lid, gelato spoon since 1978. With both advanced technology and 37 years experience, Tair Chu always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

TAIR CHU new website - ''CUFE'' has been built.

2018/7/18 Tair Chu

CUFE, Cutlery Festival, is a brand to provide diversified plastic cutlery for takeaway food from TAIR CHU.

Are you an America restaurant onwer?

Do you look for the stylish plastic cutlery?

CUFE is our new brand dedicated in providing customers the cutlery they can't find from other places.

We look for the U.S. local agent or distributors to work together to have more users can buy our color cutlery easily.

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