11-13cm Small Plastic Cutlery Manufacturer

Tair Chu / Professional plastic cutlery design and manufacturer including plastic spoon, fork, knife and spork for 40 years.

11-13cm Small Plastic Cutlery

11-13cm Small Plastic Cutlery

Small spoons and forks are suitable for dessert, a variety of colors tableware makes cake, pudding enriched a lot.

11-13cm Small Plastic Cutlery

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11.5cm Leaf Spoon - Colorful plastic dessert spoon from manufacturer, multiple color spoon can be single wrapped.
11.5cm Leaf Spoon

The 11.5cm leaf spoon is suitable for yogurt, ice cream, and even cake. The yogurt spoon is made...

12cm Yogurt Spoon with Short Handle - The yogurt spoon is 12cm, one box has 4000pcs.
12cm Yogurt Spoon with Short Handle

The 12 cm Yogurt spoon is made from PS material. The yogurt spoon is suitable for cake, pudding...

13cm Food Spork with Special Shaped - Supply 13cm colorful plastic dessert spork, combin spoon and fork features.
13cm Food Spork with Special Shaped

The food spork is PS material, and the size is 13cm. When you have a picnic, the food spork...

Result 1 - 3 of 3

Over 40 Year of 11-13cm Small Plastic Cutlery Wholesale Supply - Tair Chu

Tair Chu Enterprise Co, Ltd., since 1978, is a 11-13cm Small Plastic Cutlery manufacturer with strong in-house production capability.

3000 product selections, Eco friendly, ISO 22000 and HACCP production, ERP system and ISO-9 clean room for tableware product. Sophisticated package design and excellent customer services. We have not only been continuously improving the processing procedures but also invested largely in production capacity and facility expansion.

Tair Chu has been providing customers high-quality plastic flatware, cutlery and tableware products, both with advanced technology and 43 years of experience, Tair Chu ensure each customer's demands are met.