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Tair Chu is dedicated to plastic cutlery design and plastic tableware manufacture to satisfy customer's needs of diversity and abundance of cutlery in the world.

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Product Announce

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Colorful Heart Shaped Cake Plate and Fork Cutlery Set

Styling heart-shaped cake plate collocation with pearl color cake fork, it has five-piece of paper cake plates and five-piece of cake forks. And the cake...

22cm Color Cake Server For Cake or Pie

The 22cm color cake server has a macaron color. This cake server has a feature that cute color and easy to cut the cake makes it be a popular supply for bakery...

8 cm Color Gelato or Ice Cream Spoon with Spork Design

The 8 cm color gelato or ice cream spoon with spork design is the latest product in 2018. The design concept of the spoon is to solve the problem of the small...

Paper Cake Plate With Flower Shaped

The popular cake plate is suitable for many occasions. The paper plate with flower shaped can add more value to meal or dessert. One set has six paper...

Single Wrapped For Cake Knife

According to customer's requirement from all directions, we offers various combination of plastic cake knife to fulfill customer's needs and expectations....

2017 Latest Desgin - Twist Fork

Twist fork is not only beautiful appearance, but also excellent rigidity. Let's Enjoy your salad, Chinese take-out dishes and desserts with this adorable...

2017 New Color For Heart Spoon

The pastel color for cake plastic spoon, Lilac Icing, Cotton Candy Blue. The new colors design with Heart Shaped Spoon adds more fantastic atmosphere to your...

2017 Popular Desgin - Bear Spoon

The spoon with bear shaped desgin is TAIRCHU latest lovely cutlery. Creat something cute in your shop to catch customer's eye.

2016 Latest Design Cake Knife

2016 Latest Design Knife The perfect streamline design to make you cut cakes easier.

2016 Design Soda Spoon

Design for long grip handle makes you don’t touch ice with your hands. It is also convenient for users to enjoy their slush, shaved ice and favorite...

2016 Latest Design Spoon - Leaf Spoon

Say good bye to the blind spot of your bottles or cups. The 11.5cm spoon can fit into most of small cups. With mutiple colors, it can go well with most...

2015 Latest Design Fork - Dessert Fork

TAIR CHU Plastic Cutlery Adorn Your Dessert

Result 1 - 12 of 16

Over 40 Year of Plastic Cutlery Design and Plastic Tableware Wholesale Supply - Tair Chu

Tair Chu Enterprise Co, Ltd., since 1978, is a plastic cutlery design and plastic tableware manufacturer with strong in-house production capability.

3000 product selections, Eco friendly, ISO 22000 and HACCP production, ERP system and ISO-9 clean room for tableware product. Sophisticated package design and excellent customer services. We have not only been continuously improving the processing procedures but also invested largely in production capacity and facility expansion.

Tair Chu has been providing customers high-quality plastic flatware, cutlery and tableware products, both with advanced technology and 43 years of experience, Tair Chu ensure each customer's demands are met.