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Tair Chu Custom cutlery solution Introduction

Tair Chu Enterprise Co, Ltd. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in plastic injection and food package industry. Tair Chu has been offering our customers high quality plastic cutlery, plastic spoon, plastic fork, plastic knife, plastic spork, ice cream spoon, cake fork, party cutlery, PLA cutlery, PET cups, plastic cups, cake spoon, cake knife, dessert spoon, dessert fork, fruit fork, cake server, colorful spoon, plastic tableware, plastic flatware, disposable cutlery, disposable tableware, disposable flatware, plastic cutlery set, disposable spoon, disposable fork, disposable knife, disposable spork, tea spoon, soup spoon, PLA spoon, PLA fork, PLA knife, PLA tableware, PLA flatware, heart shape spoon, coffee lid, travel lid, gelato spoon since 1978. With both advanced technology and 37 years experience, Tair Chu always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Custom cutlery solution

The three solutions for custom cutlery: low demand, medium demand, high demand.

(A) Low demand solution of custom cutlery or custom tableware

The low demand for the custom cutlery is defined as demand less than 50,000 pcs per year. Customers who need the solution are usually PR agencies or marketing companies planning to use the custom cutlery or custom utensil for new brand promotion. A startup company in food and beverage industry may also select this solution to lower the initial investment but still can use the custom spoon, custom fork or custom knife to create more opportunities for consumers to remember them.
The advantages of the low demand solution are
1. Low initial investment in tooling cost.
2. Low MOQ. In general, the MOQ is around 20,000 pcs

Companies who need the custom tableware for only one activity only or with small quantity like 20,000 pcs per year should select this solution, because cost and lead time will not the priority concern but the design or order quantity.

(B) Medium demand solution for custom cutlery or custom tableware

The medium demand is defined as demand less than 200,000 pcs per year with product life for three to four years. Companies that need the solution are usually the famous stores in food and beverage industry that have five to ten stores and would like to use custom cutlery to enhance their brand images. These stores usually have reputation among consumers but do not have too many branches or they only sell their products on line. These stores care about their brand and the value they offer to their customers and hope to use the custom cutlery to fresh their customers ‘eyes from time to time.

The advantage of the custom cutlery with the medium demand solution is that you can own your custom plastic cutlery with lower unit price comparing with that of small demand solution, though the initial investment in the tooling will be higher. The tooling cost of the solution is usually two times to three times higher than that of small demand. The investment, however, will be pay back when the demand reaches 130,000 to 150,000. The other advantage is that your customers will remember you anywhere. Think about the scenario: you have well-design custom cutlery for your takeaway meal and your customers really like that and keep the cutlery with them. Every time they use the adorable spoon or fork, your brand will hit that mind. The cutlery is not just cutlery but become a market channel for your shops.

The only concern for the solution is that when you demand surge, you may consider high demand solution to help you lower the unit cost.

(C) High demand solution for custom cutlery or custom tableware

The high demand is defined as demand is more than 500,000 pcs or 200,000 pcs per year and last than five years. Most of companies that need the solutions are usually big fast food chain stores, like McDonald, KFC, Starbucks, Cold stone and Chipotle or convenient stores like 7-11, Watson, FamilyMart and etc. Companies that are severed as traders or doing import or export business may also need the solution for their customers. This solution is also the only solution for the customers that look for their own brand products but also put the product cost in the first position.

The advantage of the custom flatware with the high demand solution is low unit cost, and short lead time. The MOQ is usually 200,000 pcs or more per time. With high demand solution, customers don’t have to stock too much inventory because the production lead time for one 20’ full container load is usually 2-3 three weeks with two or three styles. Customers can utilize their warehouse more efficiently and increase their cash flow. The high demand custom cutlery solution provides customers not only low custom cutlery with low cost but also with excellent quality due to high utilization of the production tooling or molds.The only challenge for the solution is that the initial investment for the mass production tooling is higher comparing with that of the two previous solutions.

Our company, Tair Chu, provides several proposals to cooperate with our customers to help them fulfill their ideal cutlery and reduce their burden. You are welcome to contact us for more cooperation detail.