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Tair Chu Plastic Lid / Straw Service Introduction

Tair Chu Enterprise Co, Ltd. is Taiwan Plastic Lid / Straw supplier and manufacturer with more than 37 years experence. Since 1978, in the plastic injection and food package industry, Tair Chu has been offering our customers high quality Plastic Lid / Straw production service. With both advanced technology and 37 years experience, Tair Chu always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Plastic Lid / Straw

Disposable Beverage Lid, Plastic Cup Lid, Plastic Straw

Plastic Lid / Straw - Plastic lid and plastic straw
Plastic lid and plastic straw

Tair Chu supplies a variety of disposable lids including coffee cup lids, PET lids, PP lids, and heat-resistance lids with different diameter and shape, dome lid and flat lid, to fulfill customers’ needs. The cups and lids also can be combined as a kit as request. With more than 30 years of experience, we focus on every detail in the whole production procedure, from designing, molding, injecting, paint spraying, printing and delivery. “Top quality, On-time Delivery, Best Service” is our core concept to provide the highest customer satisfaction. Our main customers cover both foreign & domestic famous corporations. Please do not hesitate to contact us by sending email.

  • PET Lid - Plastic Beverage PET Lid
    PET Lid
    Plastic Beverage Lids, Clear Plastic Lids

    Tair Chu provides the high clarity PET lids as the cold beverage lids for PET cups. The highly clear plastic lids give consumers an enticing view of cup’s content. The dome PET lids with holes are usually used for the crushed ice drink or the contents like fruit and parfaits that will go over the rim such. The flat PET lids with X hole for straw are the best option for the ice coffee or ice tea. The higher clarity, the better sales. Don’t miss Tair Chu’s highly clear PET lids for your drinks.

  • PS Traveler Lid - Plastic Coffee Lid
    PS Traveler Lid
    Disposable Coffee Lids, Pleastic Traveler Lids

  • PP Coffee Lid - Hot Beverage Friendly Coffee Lid
    PP Coffee Lid
    Plastic Coffee Lids, Disposable Traveler Lids

    Tair Chu highly suggests consumers use PP coffee lids but PS coffee lids for takeout hot coffee or hot drinks because of health concern. Most of plastic coffee lids around the world are PS coffee lids. However, the PS coffee lids are not hot beverage friendly. The suggest temperature for the PS lids is only 60 degrees or less in Celsius. Unlike the PP coffee lid, it can stand the beverage temperature to 100 degrees. In addition, the PP coffee lid is solid and gleaming making people think the beverage is more valuable or high price. Consumers will be more satisfied for what they pay and receive.

  • PLA Lid - Biodegradable and Hot Beverage Friendly Coffee Lid
    PLA Lid
    Corn Starch Lids, ECO Friendly Clear Lids

  • Plastic Straw - Colorful Plastic Straw
    Plastic Straw
    Plastic Straw, Drinking Straw, Indiviual Wrapped Straw

    Colored plastic straws, Tair Chu provide outer diameter D6, D8, D12 straw. There are three different types of colorful straws: Piercing, Straight and Flexible. You can choose the straw according to your demands. Let's use these rainbow color plastic straws to enjoy your milkshake, soft drinks, coffee and smoothie.

  • Paper Straw - Color Paper Straw
    Paper Straw
    Paper Straw, Drinking Straw, Indiviual Wrapped Straw