Plastic Cake Cutlery

Tair Chu is dedicated to plastic cutlery design and plastic tableware manufacture to satisfy customer's needs of diversity and abundance of cutlery in the world.


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Tair Chu Enterprise Co, Ltd., since 1978, is a Plastic Cake Cutlery manufacturer with strong in-house production capability.

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Tair Chu has been providing customers high-quality plastic flatware, cutlery and tableware products, both with advanced technology and 37 years of experience, Tair Chu ensure each customer's demands are met.

Plastic Cake Cutlery

Plastic Dessert Cutlery, Disposable Flatware

Plastic Cake Cutlery - The plastic cake cutlery with stylish design
The plastic cake cutlery with stylish design

Use Tair Chu’s gorgeous plastic cake cutlery to add fashion and contemporary style to any occasions. With curved and angled handles, our cake cutlery gives buyers more options for their stores or birthday parties and level up their dessert or sweets. The heart shape or shovel spoon, leaf or petal shape spoon, and bear shape spoon will be the cuties cake spoons or dessert spoons you don’t want to miss to dazzle your consumers. You will also surprise the multiple functions and the quality of the short cake fork and twist cake fork. Contact us for more plastic dessert cutlery information.

  • Cake Fork And Cake Plate - Cake Paper Plate and cake fork
    Cake Fork And Cake Plate
    Cake Plates, Cake Forks, Plates and Forks

    At the wedding party or banquet, the host usually prepares delicious cake and dessert for the guests. People get-together need something unique to create the great atmosphere. For the shopkeeper, the multiple quality of the cutlery packing with meal can add fashion to the store. So, TAIR CHU provides special disposable paper plate package for the cake or the lemon tart. You can use the cake plate at any occasion. Trying our cake plate to level up your shop and meal.

  • Cake Paper Plate - Unique cake plate
    Cake Paper Plate
    Party Plates,Paper Plates

    Tair Chu provides mutiple paper plates for parties or events. In addition to 5" round paper plates, we also design flower shaped and cloud shaped paper plates for options. The paper plates are around 5" and can be used to carry a slice of cakes or small dessert. These color paper plates must impress your customers and visitors making them want to come back again.

  • Cake Knife - Cake Knife
    Cake Knife
    Plastic Dessert Knives, Plastic Cake Servers

    Serve up sweets with Tair Chu cake knife and cake servers. The cake knife series is the perfect way to cut the cake at your party or birthday. With customized colors, the cake knifes can become part of the decoration in your events. The multiple styles give you more choices for different desserts or events.

  • Cake Fork - Cake Fork
    Cake Fork
    Plastic Dessert Forks, Plastic Sweet Forks

    To satisfy people’s desire for differentiation, Tair Chu offer multiple styles of cake forks to go with desserts and cakes. The well-designed forks enhance cake and dessert’s quality image and give people more incentives to share their photos on line. With Tair Chu cake forks, restaurants, bakery, and dessert stores can increase the exposure or awareness to create more business opportunities.

  • Cake Spoon - Cake Spoon
    Cake Spoon
    Plastic Dessert Spoons, Plastic Ice cream Spoons

    Decorate your dishes with Tair Chu cake spoon. Tair Chu provide customers a lot of cake flatware such as heart shape spoon with heart shape scoop design to increase the food taste in the mouth, and ice cream spoon with modern simplicity design. All the cake spoons have unique design and multiple colors. Great for parties or public events.

  • Cake Spork - Cake Spork
    Cake Spork
    Plastic Dessert Sporks, Plastc Sweet Sporks

    Are you still confused with the choices between cake forks and cake spoons for your delicious desserts? Tair Chu cake spork offer you the best solution for your problems. The combination of spoon and fork is highly convenient for users to enjoy the sweets. The one-instead-of-two design not only save the package cost but also increase the flexibility to go with a variety of food under more circumstances.

  • Cake Candle - Tair Chu cake candle
    Cake Candle
    Happy Birthday Cake Candle, Party Candle

    Candles are an indispensable decoration for birthday, mother's day, and Valentine's day. When eating cakes, you don't want to disclose your age? Let Tair chu's candles help you to keep it secret!